Exponentially grow your event's market reach

What is it?

E-Event allows you to keep your event alive months after it’s over. With E-Event, you can keep generating revenue from your conference and extend your marketing reach even months after the actual event has taken place. Even the best events are temporary – once the date has passed and the event is over, that’s that. A video can preserve a recording of an event, but a video packs less punch. E-Event can not only preserve your event but enhance it. You can even increase your attendance by increasing viewership once you post your event.

Why use it?
When professionals go to conferences or other big events, it can be tough for them to retain everything they have learned. Events can be a whirlwind of speeches, exhibitions, workshops, and meetings and it can be hard to keep it all straight.  E-Event empowers show and event organizers to enable attendees post-event to retain the valuable information and education they’ve gotten. E-Event can be used at trade shows, seminars, corporate conferences, software user conferences and road shows – it’s very versatile.

Rich and multi-faceted audio-visual production capabilities means your conference, tradeshow sessions, seminars and corporate meetings are recaptured on one compelling application that can be used over and over again.  By seamlessly synchronizing all your media components, the dynamic reproductions can be shared in multiple formats for multiple audiences.

E-Event’s built-in advertising module allows you to keep generating revenue, even after the event is over. Provide your sponsors with advertising space on their video or offer pay-per-view revenue options to keep production costs down. And by putting the event online, you can appeal to greater audiences – even customers you’ve never thought to reach before. This will translate to greater event attendance in following years!
E-Event’s subscription registration will allow you to track viewers and build or increase customer databases. You can email pre-event presentations to maximize event attendance and include them in proposals and sales packages, enhancing your marketing efforts.

How it works:
Our team of experts obtains all your media inputs, like your audio and video, PowerPoint slides, and screen grabs, and combines them so they’re synchronized with each other in an advanced production to recapture your event. We keep it simple – the most important thing is to maintain the integrity of the event. E-Event is an end-to-end solution and completely customized – we provide all video and audio, graphics, IT, editing, and hosting services through our secure server. Provide New Approach with all the applicable components and then sit back and watch us bring your event back to life. We keep the integrity of your company branding, and you’ll be able to rest easily knowing your content is secure against theft and piracy under the watch of our media protection.

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